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“Dr. Oneeka Williams’ message is extraordinary and is very important for BOTH kids and adults!”
“Dr. Oneeka has an incredible way of teaching simple concepts in very profound ways. The entire audience was at the edge of their seats…”
“One of the greatest speakers I’ve had the privilege of listening to…”

Does This Sound Familiar?

Hi! My name is Dr. Oneeka Williams, and I’m a Positivity Catalyst, Healer/Urologic Surgeon, Teacher, Storyteller, Author, Wife, Mother, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and I’m curious…
  • Are you feeling UNDERVALUED and UNDERAPPRECIATED at work? (I’ve been there.)


  • Do you feel as if you’re carrying the whole world on your shoulders at home and at work? There’s just NOT ENOUGH of YOU to go around? (I’ve been there!)


  • Maybe you have a hard time finding ways to BREAK OUT of the external limits and expectations placed on you….. (Been there!)


  • Maybe you have goals or dreams that you believe are part of your PURPOSE but you feel as if, for whatever reason, things are just NOT MOVING FORWARD? (I’ve been there too!)


  • Or maybe you’re just plain tired of the LIMITED THINKING that fuels discrimination, negative stereotypes and unconscious bias…?
I get it. (ALL of it!)
When I was a little girl living in Guyana, my father (who was a vocal reporter and critical of the government) FLED THE COUNTRY to Barbados with our family out of fear for our safety.

As a teenager, I discovered my love for helping people, and I really wanted to become a doctor – but the required physics class was ONLY AVAILABLE TO THE BOYS

And when I finally got to university in the States, my very first meeting with the school premed advisor, who was supposed to guide and support me, told me to GO BACK to the Caribbean because I HAD NO HOPE of getting into medical school.

Then, my trustee completely blew my mind when he told me during my interview for Urologic Surgery residency that “I WAS TOO PRETTY TO BE A SURGEON…”
But Here’s The (Real) Story…
I took that physics class, as THE FIRST GIRL in a classroom full of boys.

I GRADUATED from the HARVARD Medical School, despite the advisor’s discouraging words. (I fired her as my advisor, btw!)

And I became the FIRST BLACK WOMAN to train in Urologic Surgery at the Lahey Clinic!

So now as an Award-Winning Author, Surgeon, Teacher, and Positivity Catalyst, I’m on a mission to RESHAPE HOW WE THINK! I’m swinging for the fences and you can too!
My Mission Is To Help You Live An UNLIMITED Life by Developing The 5 Habits of Positivity…
No matter what you’re struggling with, you’re more capable than you realize.

Despite what’s been said to you, what’s been done to you, and what’s been holding you back, you can choose to live life from the Inside Out.

It’s what I call living in your UNLIMITED.

And right now, I’d like to share with you the exact habits (there’s 5 of them) that have helped me overcome every limitation that’s stood in my way.

I call them the 5 HABITS of POSITIVITY, and they go like this:

HABIT #1: There Is Always A Solution, Work To Find It

No matter what the problem is or how impossible the situation may seem, there is always a way around it, above it, beneath it, or through it to finding the solution.

Habit #2: Convert A Limit Into An Opportunity

Consider every challenge, frustration, or “impossibility” as an opportunity to learn more, develop more, prepare more, persist more, or become more empowered as you creatively discover a new approach or perspective.

Habit #3: Keep The Positive, Discard The Negative

Don’t allow negatives to be a weight that drags you under water. Take time and space to process the negativity, then let them go and carry the positives which will be the wind beneath your wings.

Habit #4: Your Purpose Is Linked To Caring For & Serving Others

None of us is an accident. You have unique assignments that only you can complete. When you focus on what you can give, rather than you can get, your life is more fulfilled and meaningful.


To believe is to begin. When you focus on gratitude, all that you don’t have shrinks in significance and you open yourself up to what becomes possible.

On this website, you’ll find videos, trainings, and loads of resources designed to help you build these 5 Habits of Positivity into your every day life, so you can achieve more and create meaningful impact in the lives and world around you.

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About The Dr. Oneeka Williams

Dr. Oneeka Williams has been blazing trails to her Unlimited starting as early as 13 years old when she entered an all-boys high school as the first girl to join their ranks. As one of the 0.001% of physicians who are black female urologic surgeons, Dr. Williams understands well the importance of role modeling and having people who believe in you and are willing to be your champion.

As a surgeon and award winning author, Dr. Williams also believes she can advocate for youth as a “Positivity Catalyst” thereby accelerating the conversion of what is already within to empower them to live a life without limits. She has been relentless in her work to educate, empower and enrich by creating diverse and powerful characters in her children’s books-Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo Book Series. Her approach to education is very similar to her approach to treating her patients in recognizing the importance of addressing the patient as an ecosystem with all of the linked and interdependent parts.  She has created The Williams Integrated Educational Model (W.I.E.M) -an ECOSYSTEM of Learning-that can be applied to any environment in which learning occurs.

Dr. Williams noted that adults were also inspired by the Dee Dee Dynamo series story and wanted to integrate The Habits of Positivity into their lives in order to connect to their Unlimited. She wrote her book Discover Your Unlimited in response.

Dr. Williams is married to Dr. Charles Anderson and they have 1 son, Mark. She credits her success to the foundation built by her parents, Hubert and Eugenie Williams and by phenomenal teachers in Guyana and Barbados.

“Every day, you can choose to live the unlimited version of yourself through your heart with its unlimited capacity to love and choose your attitude, and through your mind with its unlimited capacity to think, dream, and believe.” – Dr.Oneeka Williams

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